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Healthy life, Open your choice

AAP Care4Life will be open offer short training courses.Our board of doctors will be given advice

All practitioners and students  and new comers are can be participation,contribution and  support to our  association membership with in European communities via website,email,just call  to us +44333 444 0886.  Registration will be start now and your CPD closing date on 31/12/2018  members can be find their name will be published in the Register Practice Membership book 2019.

LONDON Homeopathic Clinic

Dr.COR, Dr.Riasat Ali, Mrs.Saima Ali ,Mrs.Alina. Dr.M.Y.Butt Practitioners.

 Time:9:30 AM   To 18:00 PM

AAP Care4Life Clinic

Homeopathic Dental Clinic

Gingivitis is when your gum becomes  red,swollen and can bleed easily. It is a  form of gum disease .

AAP Care4Life Clinic in EU

AAP Care4life serving DCC group in EU.


Tel : +44 (0)3334440886

Healthy lifestyle Culture (Physically & Mentally)

Aap care4life welcome donations and  membership collaboration opportunities from  individuals or corporations who supporting  our educational activities interested in  promoting active living healthy lifestyle stop  smoking,violence,bad behaviour,  awareness  for Diabetes,Dementia,Depression,Heart and  Kidney diseases in south Asia and PAKISTAN.

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Our board of directors: AAP Care4Life  Foundation  is governed by a volunteer  board of directors.The  board is comprised  of accomplished and dedicated  serving  business and community who are member  for foundation.They will be getting qualification  global skills success for life in future generation.

Aapcare4life respects and honours its members  with compassion and understanding their culture. values.

Chronic Diseases Care Management

AAP Care4Life doctors and practitioners have been experienced from 30 years that in the different communities in Asia , EU and United Kingdom to encourage Muslims family young children  keep on  The holy Quran and Sunnah.

How Important for us Fasting

Our Clients,Patients,Students

Conditions of entry?

1. Online competition is open to anybody age of 16 or over.

2. Competition for Quran’Q&A’ poem, anyone can take place from age 8-15

3. There is no initial shifting process and operational manager will receive all entry and his decision is final.

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