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 Association of Alternative Practitioners welcome to the all communities who are interested in  Education and health care professional help promotion and protect the public by having a high  standard code of practice for Alternative Medical Practitioners.

Encourage to all young our members to expand their knowledge and professionals skills through  continuing Professional Development (CPD) and use with Modern Measurement Technology. We  are together work with different Associations, Colleges, Universities, in the different countries.


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The Association members enjoy the many benefits of affiliation associated with professional organization where you can trust its guideline honest advice. Join us

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Benefits of Membership:Practitioners and Business,Students direct entry registration after pay  to membership recognition your ID card membership certificate,aap professional code of  practice,access to information regarding to opportunities for short courses and cpd,online news

Worldwide work expereince culture clinical research in the Alternative medical technology very    different lifestyle,weather and about regulatory changing in legislation (if any) work-permit,  Conference,lecture,clinic,business,products,consultancy,Travel trip,halal foods and medicine.

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