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Register Global and European International Short Course and CPD.


We can provide a certificate for all our register member accredited events conferences,clinic

Workshop master class global and European International increased day by day professionals  register standards.The undertaking of CPD is now individual employed and  employees,school  practitioners,students, volunteering skills and experience work together and enjoy your tour.

E learning and short course save money and time many more benefits as a aap care4life members.

Register for Students,Practitioners,Doctors,Dentists,Homeopaths that we can provide direct.

               diversity,awareness in humankind.

1. Confidence Physical , Mental , Emotional  Spiritual.

 2. To develop , support and encourage the practise   of homeopathic medicine in UK and European   countries.

3. To increase public awareness and acceptance of  homeopathy in the UK and Europe safe and effective  system of medicine for heart,Asthma,Skin care,hair.

4. To encourage young people and initiate research  and training in alternative medical system.

5. To maintain high standards professional clinical  practise amongst qualified homeopathic practitioner.

6. Online to to support for register practitioner and  students international and globally.

   InHumankind buildup Trust Integrity

AAP Care4life Mission

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